Sunday, November 28, 2010

Regarding Henry

Thanksgiving just wasn’t the same without you. From the moment I saw you looking up at me from your little cage at the spcaLA I knew I had to take you home. You helped get me through the tough times of losing KitKat and you were with me through 3 different moves to 3 different places. You demanded so very little, yet gave so much. You were the toughest and bravest cat I have ever met, even when I brought home a big scary German Shepherd to live with us you never cowered and quickly established who was there first.

I will miss your purr that was as loud as motor boat’s, even during the days in which you were too sick to eat, all I had to do was hold you and your unmistakable purr would battle through. You touched my life in so many ways, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to keep you around. I simply could not watch you suffer anymore than you already have. The morning after you left on Thanksgiving I saw Harley jump up on your chair and dig through your blanket as if she was looking for you.

I had ice cream for the first time today since you’ve been gone; it’s just not the same without you kneading on my lap waiting for me to finish so you can lick the bowl clean. Ice cream was your absolute favorite; no matter where you were you always knew when I had ice cream.

Goodbye my Hanky Panky, wherever you are I hope you are as healthy as you once were, strong, feisty and so very affectionate. I take some comfort in knowing that you lived a good life and I hope you take some comfort in knowing that you made my life better.


Dad & Harley


  1. oh no, vic. don't want to call in case it's too soon. i am so so sorry to hear mr. hank is gone. please call us when you feel up to talking. all love affairs with our pets end badly, but it's always worth having them in our lives. hank was a good boy and a gentleman. he will definitely be missed. xoxox, j.

  2. Thank you Joyce, he was a very good cat! Tough as the nails he trimmed himself...he will be missed.


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